Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery is a premium cold pressed juice brand. Cold press is an extraction process that ensures the perfect mix of good health and great taste. With no added sugar, preservatives or even water, these truly 100% juices are all good, no bad.





Raw Pressery is transitioning from being a predominantly online, home delivery based brand to one that will soon be available across retail channels.

With the new range of classic juices RP seeks to reach out to a larger health-conscious market and to add to their existing range of benefit blends.

Retaining the original bold, simple, handcrafted logo type, we created a device holder to ensure the visibility of the logo on the various coloured juices.

By linking the logo with the fruit graphic, we reinforce the brand promise to rely only on the fruit, and nothing else, to deliver on quality and taste. The free-flowing illustration style is candid, uninhibited, honest, and true to the brand “Raw”.

Having a clear bottle in the universe of tetra packs is not just a differentiator on the shelf, but gives an assurance of quality and purity, with plenty of taste appeal.

The new brand design created a consistent visual architecture that effectively differentiate between the two ranges of blends and classic juices, and the illustrations clearly communicate the variants in a distinct, identifiable style.

Everything, from bottle format to the logo, worked in tandem to deliver the brand message: Raw Pressery is truly All Good. No Bad.