Case Study: Rivela

In a highly saturated segment of skin care, rebranding Rivela was an endeavor to design the packaging to be very ingredient specific and result oriented. With the evolving skincare needs of the increasingly discerning Indian consumer, Cipla’s pharma credentials was their greatest strength.

Positioned as the skin care expert backed by science, we brought alive ‘DERMASCIENCE’ through a clean pack design with precise lines. The information is neatly laid out with focus on the key active ingredient, inspired by apothecary labels. While keeping the front clinical we created a set of bold geometric designs on the side of the pack to balance the look. We wanted the products to have a daily use feel rather than prescriptive or problem solution. The geometric designs represented the benefit or action performed by the key actives.

With a crisply crafted san serif logotype with a slight quirk on the ‘e’ we chose to keep the logo lowercase to signify and innovative and upbeat brand but one that still holds a certain level of authority.

We assigned vibrant colours to each product category that made the range look modern and confident.