Case Study: TGF by Swiggy

dCell creates a Truly Great Face (TGF) for Swiggy’s homegrown value brand.

Truly Good Food or better known as TGF was launched earlier this year as a private label within Swiggy’s diverse offerings on their app.

When it comes to designing a private label for a brand as big as Swiggy one would think they’ve got enough equity in the market for it to sell no matter what they do. But this was a unique brief. We were mandated to design a brand and packaging identity without a mention of the parent company. It needed to look credible and top quality on its own merits and would be a purely digital brand.

The product range was diverse. They had everything from cake mix to cornflakes and we knew that bringing all these products under a unified design architecture needed careful consideration from more than just the aesthetic angle.

We started off with a strategic brand positioning exercise, introducing ourselves as the value brand with “Great quality makes for great taste”.

Naming the brand allowed us to get quirky and creative with wordplay and arrive at TGF – Truly Good Food. The name assures consumers of the earnestness and honesty of the brand and harks back to the brand positioning.

We crafted a bold, solid logo with the acronym in a handwritten typeface enclosed in a hand drawn circle. Being a value brand, the logo needed to look approachable, casual and yet have a certain authority and boldness to it that highlighted the brand’s promise to always deliver ‘Good Food’.

Whilst creating the packaging for the brand we needed to consider a design system that would maintain a consistent brand identity in various packaging formats.
Here we used our logo itself as the central hero on the pack and arranged the ingredients or the product itself around it. The interplay of the bold logo with the ingredients is a fresh design approach and makes for a unique and memorable brand identity. The vibrant background colours and product representation are true to their respective product categories, but designed in a bold, contemporary style making TFG familiar and yet new – instantly!

The TGF range is now retailing on Instamart for starters and has seen great response from consumers.